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11 Landlord-Approved Decorating Hacks

11 Landlord-Approved Decorating Hacks
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While maximalist influencers make decorating appear like a lot of fun, things are different when you are renting. Repainting walls or hanging wall art can make a big difference to your space. However, chances are that your landlord may have a thing or two to say about your decorating aspiration.

If you are feeling stunned about how you can turn your rented space into the home of your dreams, you are in the right place. Here are some of our tried-and-true tips to personalise your rental. 


Ask Your Landlord

The first rule about making changes in your rental home is to ask your landlord. You never know what you may be able to get away with until you try. If it is showing signs of age and you intend to stay for a long time, asking your landlord if you can proceed with some improvements. This could be simply painting the walls or bigger projects, which could be a win-win situation. 

If they agree, you could end up with an abode that better suits your needs and tastes, while your landlord will have an upgraded property to rent. In some cases, your landlord may be willing to contribute financially, especially for more expensive endeavours. However, if your landlord refuses, accept it and focus on temporary solutions. 


Use Wall-Friendly Art Décor

One of the best ways to improve the homey feel of your rented abode is to invest in some wall décor. This can hide potential wear and tear while allowing your personality to shine. If painting your walls is not an option, then peel-and-stick wallpaper may be the next best thing. This way you can create the statement wall of your dreams and make it disappear without leaving a trace once your lease ends. 

What do wall art, tapestries, removable decals, macrame wall hangings, vintage magazine pages and polaroid pictures have in common? They're all examples of affordable ways you can turn your rental into a home by infusing it with art that matches your tastes. Mirrors can help reflect the light and help your place appear bigger than it is. Use command hooks and Blu-Tack to hang them if you are not allowed to make holes in the walls. And the best part is that you can remove them without any damage to the walls once you move away. 


Update the Hardware

If you want to add some personality to your rental space, change the hardware. Upgrading door handles and knobs on the dressers and cabinets can make a big difference. It is an easy, cost-effective way to make a blank space appear more elevated. Upgrading the faucet and shower head in the bathroom is another way to make your space feel much more luxurious without breaking the bank. Just make sure that you keep the original hardware in a safe place to replace them before you leave. It's also a good idea to take pictures before you remove anything to ensure that each element is in its rightful place before the final walk-through. 


Change the Lighting Fixtures

Like hardware, changing the light fixtures can be an easy way to elevate the feel of a rental place that may feel rundown or dated. A new lampshade, a unique ceiling light, or even battery-operated accessory lights can improve the mood of your space. If your space only has ceiling lights, a great trick in any space – rented or owned – is to add some mood lighting, such as floor lamps, fairy lights, and so on, for a softer and more intimate atmosphere. 


Improve your Storage Solutions

A cramped rental space can feel oppressing. Often, you can improve the feel of your home with a deep clean and possibly some downsizing. We recommend using a storage cage or unit to store some of your possessions and furniture if they do not fit in your current space, but want them for later.

Another way to improve storage in a tight space is to invest in double-use furniture, such as sofa beds or storage furniture like dressers and sideboards, etc. 


Get Personal

Just because you are living in a rental space does not mean that you have to make do with a bland, impersonal space. On the contrary, displaying precious mementos will improve how you feel about your space. Create a gallery wall or a display of your favourite things so you can soak up all those warm and fuzzy feelings whenever you see them. 


Upgrade your Window Treatments

Too often, rental homes come with a collection of yellowed and tired Venetian blinds. These block off natural light and make the space appear darker and drearier than it really is. Remove them, place them in a safe spot, and replace them with new window treatments. Sheer curtains can help preserve your privacy while allowing the light to flow in. In addition, colourful curtains can elevate your rental's appearance. 


Get Creative with Furniture

The best thing about furniture is that whatever piece you invest in will come with you once your lease ends. If you're limited in how much you can express your creativity on permanent fixtures, such as the walls, then furniture is the way to go. You can use each piece to showcase your personality, such as adopting bold colours and upscaling vintage finds. We love raw wood furniture that can be painted to match your wildest dreams. 


Bring the Outdoors Inside

Nature has a way of soothing the soul like nothing else. If you have access to outdoor space then make sure to take advantage of it. Invest in some outdoor furniture and mood lighting and you can expand your entertaining and living space. However, if you do not have access to such luxury, then you can still bring the outdoors in by adding live plants to your home. 

Many plants only require minimal light and maintenance, making them perfect for rental living. In addition to improving your general mood, live plants can also help enhance air quality and, therefore, your health.


Define Areas with Rugs

While we often think of decorating by focusing on the walls and furniture, rugs can do a lot to improve the feel of a place. Rugs are a great way to add texture to your rental while also insulating you from the cold. A fluffy rug will make the entire room appear cosier and more welcoming. In addition, rugs can help create definition, particularly in more open spaces such as industrial lofts or studio apartments. Finally, rugs can help protect your floors, putting all the chances on your side to get your bond deposit back when you leave your rented abode. 


Use Furniture as Space Dividers

Rental setups can be a bit wacky, particularly in older buildings that may have been repurposed throughout the years. It can also be an issue if you have roommates and your bedroom is your only personal space while you must accommodate multiple activities, such as sleeping, exercising, working from home, and relaxing in a single room. If you have enough space, try to define different areas in your room. You can use tall furniture, such as bookshelves or wardrobes, to isolate your bed from the rest of the room and create a sense of privacy. A comfortable armchair tucked away in a corner with good lighting can be the perfect reading nook. Meanwhile, putting your desk in a different area can help you relax in the evening without feeling like you are still in work mode after a long day working from home.

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